Issue No. 1

A Relaunch to Celebrate

We’re so excited about the relaunch of EXTRA, our twice-annual e-magazine to keep in touch with the many outstanding people we’ve grown to call friends and neighbors over the years. Simply put, it’s good to be back.


The Urban Townhome

If you think you know townhomes, you may want to think again. From Vancouver to Seattle to Irvine, these three communities are turning heads -- and breaking paradigms.

Belpark Design Secrets featured image

Belpark Design Secrets

A sneak peek at Scott Trepp’s Belpark design secrets There’s a game people play, often on road trips in order to stimulate conversation. If you could curate a dinner party list with hand-picked guests who would ensure info-rich dialogue, who wo...

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Extraordinary: She's Back featured image

Extraordinary: She's Back

A quick Q and A with Susan M. Isard, previously our Director, Homeowner Care — retired but back to help out. Who doesn’t love the excitement of a relaunch? In light of EXTRA doing that very thing with this newest issue, we thought we’d profile...

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Our Favorite Food Trucks featured image

Our Favorite Food Trucks

We asked a few of Intracorp’s in-house Food Truck experts – and by that we mean, those foodies who know a good Food Truck when they see (and taste) it – to share their cities’ must-experience meals on wheels. This is what they had to say.   Vanc...

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Market Update: Seattle featured image

Market Update: Seattle

We sat down with Christine Johnson about one of her – and our — favorite topics: today’s market. As Intracorp’s Vice President of Marketing & Sales in Seattle, she’s got her fingers on the pulse.   Q: How do you sum up the housing mark...

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Take a Seat featured image

Take a Seat

The Lady Chair They say history repeats itself. And that can also be said of style – when something truly iconic enters the landscape, it has a way of leaving a lasting, indelible mark. Such is the case for Italian architect and designer Marco Zanuso...

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