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A quick Q and A with Susan M. Isard, previously our Director, Homeowner Care — retired but back to help out.

Who doesn’t love the excitement of a relaunch? In light of EXTRA doing that very thing with this newest issue, we thought we’d profile a professional relaunch. Susan M. Isard may have retired in 2014, but she’s back as a consultant. And we couldn’t be happier.


Q: Welcome back, Susan. Can you describe your role today and when you worked with Intracorp previously?

A: I am consultant to the Homeowner Care Team in Vancouver. Previously, together with the team, I was responsible for homeowners from post-completion of sale through the closing process and throughout the warranty period.


Q: So, all in, how long you have been with Intracorp?

A: I originally joined Intrawest in 1980, which became Intracorp in 1994. After 34 years, I retired from Intracorp in 2014.


Q: So what made you want to work with Intracorp again?

A: Given my length of service, it might be evident I hold the company, the staff and its values in high regard. I am delighted to have the opportunity to share some of what I learned with the newer members of the Homeowner Care team.


Q: In what ways have things stayed the same since you left?

A: The one thing that has stayed the same is the commitment of the Homeowner Care team — both in the field and in the office — to the Intracorp homeowner. The team is still always wanting to do its very best to assure a positive experience. And not only for recent homeowners but also for homeowners who have owned their home for years — long beyond the warranty period.


Q: What specifically is it that you love most about seeing happy homeowners move into their new homes?

A: A happy homeowner means the company has delivered on a vision — a promise realised. Home ownership is such a personal thing, the privilege of participating in that experience is rewarding, and so motivating to always seek to improve.


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