Issue No. 8

Coming Together

As we draw closer to the end of this year, it’s inspiring to look back on the incredible work that we have accomplished throughout 2021. Being able to come together after so long made me realize how lucky we are to do what we do alongside such extraordinary people. I hope you take a moment to read our 2021 Year in Review and continue to follow along as new, exciting projects are announced over the next few months.


2021 Year in Review

As we near the end of 2021, we’re taking a moment to look back at some of the extraordinary milestones our teams achieved this year. While we were still working through challenges we had hoped to leave behind in 2020, we are grateful for the teams who continued to work hard to make the extraordinary happen, while keeping themselves, our homeowners and others safe.

Design Trends of 2021: Japandi featured image

Design Trends of 2021: Japandi

One of the most popular design trends of 2021 is Japandi: an interior design aesthetic that blends Japanese and Scandinavian approaches. The fusion style was introduced in 2016 but rose to the forefront of home décor trends in recent years, with Goog...

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Take a Seat: The Platner Chair featured image

Take a Seat: The Platner Chair

Introduced in 1966 by Warren Platner, the Platner Collection of sculpted wire furniture has become a staple of modernist design. While the entire collection has been praised as a triumph, the Platner chairs have achieved the most recognition.  The ch...

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Happy Holidays: Meet the Artist Behind Our Holiday Card featured image

Happy Holidays: Meet the Artist Behind Our Holiday Card

For this year’s holiday card, we partnered with a talented Canadian artist, Aiken Lao, to showcase one project from each region: Telford on the Walk (British Columbia), The Isle at Mariner Shores (California), One Oak (Texas), and Contempo (Was...

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