Issue No. 12

The Value of a Functional Workspace

As it is the fall season, marked by the return to school and the return to work, I am eager to explore the evolving essence of our workspace and its deep connection with our core values. The modern workspace is a place where people seek belonging, build supportive networks, and pursue their goals amidst the changing landscape of technology and the disruption caused by the global pandemic.

At the heart of Intracorp's design philosophy is a commitment to creating inviting spaces filled with natural light, setting the stage for collaboration and innovation. Across Austin, Newport Beach, Seattle, and Vancouver, each workspace incorporates playful elements and original art to evoke creativity and innovation. This commitment extends beyond corporate offices to community workspaces in residential developments, recognizing the evolving needs of remote work.

We hope you enjoy the insights within this edition of Extra Magazine.


The Evolution of Working from Home: Feature Communities

Intracorp's commitment to versatile workspaces extends beyond corporate offices, seamlessly reflected in our recent and upcoming communities where community workspaces adeptly address the evolving work-from-home needs.

An Interview with Todd Bertellotti & Dwight Doty, Principals of ObjectSpace featured image

An Interview with Todd Bertellotti & Dwight Doty, Principals of ObjectSpace

We sat down with Todd Bertellotti & Dwight Doty, principals of ObjectSpace. They have been leading architecture & interior design in Seattle since 2003. They have helped shape many Intracorp’s projects including Zig, Beam, and the upcoming co...

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Office 101: The Employee Essentials featured image

Office 101: The Employee Essentials

In staying true to our values at Intracorp, a key component of our building style is providing flexibility in space & design for our residents. This same mindset also applies to how we design and operate our offices. Let’s take a look at what fea...

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Hard Work Made Easy: The Aeron Chair featured image

Hard Work Made Easy: The Aeron Chair

The Aeron chair, a relatively recent invention from the 21st century, swiftly ascended to become one of the most renowned and beloved office chairs. Its debut in 1994 marked a significant revolution in the office furniture industry, as the chair man...

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