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Talk about Lost in Translation, Wu Fung Dessert in Richmond’s Asian oriented Aberdeen Mall does not serve any desserts (and never has, far as we can tell). In fact, its most famous dish—the one that people travel from all over the Lower Mainland for—isn’t really even associated with Chinese take-out. It’s the humble dry coated chicken wings that send folks into ecstasy. Perhaps it’s the lightly gingered rub or some other combination of secret herbs and spices.

Coming in second behind the chicken wings would have to be the traditional Chinese noodles, prepared one hundred percent on the spot so they are always fresh, tender, and succulent. Each noodle order comes with a side of soup (braised beef comes recommended). Note that Wu Fung Dessert (like most of the Aberdeen Mall establishments) only take cash or debit cards. Wo Fung’s fame is widely recognized, beware that lineups can be long on weekends at peak meal time.

Address: Aberdeen Centre – 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC