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Since 1999, vendors and merchants at the West Seattle Farmers Market have been providing area residents with the freshest, most nutritious and tasty produce, meat, fish, dairy, and poultry items straight from Puget Sound growers.

Each Sunday on a year-round basis, the market serves as a community gathering place where residents can shop, swap recipes, indulge their kids, eat free samples, and just generally enjoy the neighborhood vibe.

From organic dog treats to heirloom apples and tomatoes, the West Seattle Farmer’s Market stocks everything that you (and your pet) need for a nutritious week of meal preparation. In most cases, you’re purchasing produce directly from the farmer who has grown the sweet corn, the rancher raising organic beef, and the poultry specialist raising the chickens and plucking the eggs (though, chance are he can’t tell you who came first). There’s even an assortment of locally produced craft beers—ginger, root, and of course the alcoholic kind—as well.

A couple of caveats: come the winter months, fruits and vegetables aren’t always in season so the selection is a bit less bountiful. The street is blocked off and free parking is at a premium, but why not ride your bike or take transit instead? The market is located on California street and hours of operation are 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.