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The curiously named “Swinery” on California Avenue is accurately subtitled “The Temple of Porcine Love.” (If you happen to be a vegetarian, you might just walk on by this store). Alas, The Swinery is a butcher, but a very, very special butcher—a butchery run by people who preach and follow sustainable sourcing practices for the meat that they sell over the counter to the absolutely sensational, mouth-watering sandwiches that can be ordered from the (very small) kitchen.

The Swinery is all about matching meat producing farmers within a 300-mile range of their West Seattle storefront. They go in ‘whole hog’ and let the meat hang for a time before butchering. The shop sells 100 percent fresh sausages (your usual brats, along with exotics like duck chorizo and cotochino Italian sausage). Of course, barbecue standards like ham hock, pulled pork and brisket are proudly displayed and cut and packaged for your pleasure.

It’s not all about the pig, though, The Swinery, with some irony, has been voted the “Best Burger in Seattle” in the past. (They even offer something called “beef bacon.”). Some sausages and products might be in limited supply, the owners advise calling ahead if you’re looking for more exotic fare.