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The situation:
In North Vancouver, Anavets (Army, Navy, and Air Force Veterans in Canada) Senior Citizens’ Housing Society had three low-rise residential buildings on one large piece of land in the Lower Lonsdale area. These buildings were at the end of their economic life and were beginning to cost a lot to maintain. What’s more is that these old three-storey buildings were walk-ups without elevators. It made accessibility for the elderly resident veterans a real issue. For more than a decade the society had looked for a way to replace the buildings without displacing the residents, but they lacked the resources to do so. They had a huge asset in the debt-free land, but they needed a partner.

The solution:
Working with BC Housing and ANAVETS, Intracorp was able to create a solution that provided an updated building for the veterans and offered increased land value enhancing ANAVETS land portfolio. Only one of the three existing buildings had to be demolished to make way for the new residences meaning that the majority of residents were able stay in their existing homes while their new ones were being built. In exchange for building the new residence, Intracorp would be able to redevelop the remaining land into market condominiums – but only once the residents were comfortably moved into the new Anavets Building. It was a solution that dealt with the society’s needs in a way that was hassle-free. Intracorp managed the process, in partnership with BC Housing, taking the headache out of the approvals, zoning and municipal procedure. Of course, Intracorp also built the new building and helped with the move-in of the new residents

The results:
Anavets Seniors Housing Society now has a great replacement building that is a legacy for the board and veterans. It was done with trust, dignity and little worry. By providing new affordable housing to allow veterans to live in comfort, through a seamless transition, this project met the needs of not only Anavets and Intracorp, but also BC Housing, the City of North Vancouver and the community of Lower Lonsdale.