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Intracorp Story

For over forty years, Intracorp has been dedicated to building extraordinary homes for our homeowners, earning a reputation as one of North America’s leading real estate developers in the process.

Every new home begins with a unique vision, drawing inspiration from the local surroundings. Then, building materials and architectural details are carefully considered. The resulting development is more than just structurally-sound—it’s a living, breathing community all its own.

From intimate townhome communities to iconic gateway towers, the urban built environment has been shaped, in part, by Intracorp with a singular goal – to create extraordinary homes and experiences for our homeowners.

Past Projects

The Jervis / Vancouver, BC

The Jervis / Vancouver, BC

Silver / Burnaby , BC

Silver / Burnaby, BC

Black + whites / Coquitlam, BC

Black + Whites / Coquitlam, BC

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