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They say home is where the heart is, and in my experience, at no time has that been more true than now. While it has always been the place from which we launch and conclude our days, and that sanctuary where we socialize and recharge come weekend, today it’s significantly more encompassing.

A haven. A respite. A harbour in the storm.

And during these changing times, one thing remains constant: Our fierce commitment to delivering extraordinary homes to homeowners.

Right now, the way we see it, we’re not “stuck” at home. We are “safe” at home. Nurtured. This is where we can exhale, even in uncertain times. (Hey, especially in uncertain times.) And as our relationship with the new concept of “home” evolves, so too will our approach to how we build Intracorp communities. As we move forward, the safety and satisfaction of homeowners, employees, and stakeholders will continue to be at the forefront of decision-making.

For our part, we are doing everything we can to work from our own homes. To ensure measures are in place to keep work sites safe. To adopt new technologies and strategies for remaining collaborative and in consistent communication. To ensure our sales team is available virtually for prospective buyers. To implement best practices when it comes to the important and monumental task of handing over the keys to our newest owners.

To all of you, during this period of adaptation, your grace and flexibility have been an inspiration. And for those of you who leave the comfort of home to keep the rest of us safe – from healthcare workers and all walks of essential workers – our debt of gratitude is immeasurable.

Social distancing may render us temporarily apart. But we have never been more together.

Don Forsgren, President and CEO



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