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We talked to our extraordinary employees to see what their favourite activities were that involved teamwork – or partnership. Here is what we got back:

Seattle: Donabel Duan, Marketing Coordinator – Intracorper Since: April 2017.

“My favourite group activity is to play table tennis in International District Community Center. I get to play with people from all ages and with varying skill levels – from a 10-year-old beginner to 70-year-old unassuming grandma who can still overwhelm a teenager. Table tennis is a fun group activity for all ages.”

Newport Beach: Katie Flores, Project Coordinator – Intracorper Since: July 2017.

“My favorite group activity to partake in here in Newport Beach would most certainly be boating. I have such fond childhood memories spending weekends down at my Great grandmother’s beach house and on our family’s boats, being on the water is my favorite place to be. The smell of salt water, combined with great friends, good music, the amazing Southern CA weather and beautiful coast line, makes for the best weekends. It doesn’t get much better in my opinion.”

Vancouver: Ram Sahota, Acquisitions Manager – Intracorper Since: August 2014.

“This is a tough one… but one of my favorite activities is hitting up the microbreweries all over town in Vancouver and surrounding areas. One of my favorite tours to do is going to Port Moody and tasting the brews at Parkside, Yellow Dog and Twin Sails. All three are located within walking distance from one another and it’s a great way to spend time on a Saturday afternoon with a group of friends whether it be big or small. Yellow Dog is a personal favorite, so I would recommend visiting there for sure, can’t miss!”

Austin: Cindy Pope, Operations Manager – Intracorper Since: June 2018.

“Lady Bird Lake is one of my favorite places to spend time with friends and family in Austin, TX.  Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll on the miles of hike & bike trails or venture out on the water in a kayak or atop a paddle board, Lady Bird Lake offers an abundance of outdoor activities.  At dusk, you can also witness the emergence of hundreds of thousands of Mexican free-tailed bats from under the Congress bridge as they make their way over the lake.  On the southern bank of the lake is Vic Mathias Shores.  This vast area of parkland is often the locale for outdoor concerts and festivals, but also makes for some great photos of downtown Austin!  With its many varied activities, Lady Bird Lake is the perfect place to gather with family and friends to enjoy the outdoors, right in the heart of the City of Austin!”


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