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We asked Intracorp team members in each of our regions what “wellness real estate” means to them as they think about bringing their next project to life.

Emilie Simard, Project Manager, Newport Beach Office

“Wellness in real estate is becoming increasingly integrated into overall lifestyle and wellbeing. They are seen as one in the same. The wellness movement is pushing us to look at the spaces we are designing to curate holistic experiences for buyers in their own homes. In efforts to promote the wellness mindset that exists inside the home to extend to the greater community, we look for meaningful ways to connect our projects to the broader environments and people that surround them. Ensuring our homes are energy efficient, sustainable, promote self-care, and facilitate connection with those around them, we are giving our buyers a strong sense of place and belonging within their new communities.”

 Vince McLean, Director Construction, Newport Beach Office 

“One common thread consistent in all my new communities throughout my career is the push for physical activity as part of the occupants’ overall wellness. You can find this vision clearly stated in our marketing brochures and advertising. Commonly they will list all the nearby trails, hiking, beaches, biking, swimming, and local sports facilities, some of which are within the actual communities we build. Fortunately for me, I have been able to construct many of those amenities and have had the opportunity to observe residents utilizing and enjoying those spaces after they move in. At Intracorp Southern California, we ensure the connectivity to our communities and physical activity is always easy to find.”

Patricia Bains, Junior Development Manager, Vancouver Office 

“Our wellbeing is enhanced by the spaces we live in. At Intracorp, we create exceptional homes that are more than just buildings. They are places where we can unwind, recharge, and connect with nature. We pay attention to the details that make a difference, such as thoughtful amenities, lush landscapes, and elegant aesthetics. We believe that wellness is not a luxury, but a necessity for a fulfilling life.”

Ben Lin, Director of Acquisitions, Vancouver Office 

“Our goal is to create homes that enhance the quality of life of the people who live in them. That’s why we choose locations in the Vancouver metropolitan area that are not only comfortable and convenient, but also connected to the city’s natural and cultural assets. We pay attention to the context and character of each site, and design developments that are in harmony with the amenities, parks, and transit options nearby. We believe that the homes we build are not isolated, but part of a larger community that contributes to the wellbeing of our residents.”

Brad Stein, President, Texas Region, Austin Office  

“Wellness in our Intracorp Texas projects means incorporating elements that promote health, holistic wellbeing and a higher quality of life for our homeowners. These elements are included in both the design and the programming of our projects. In design, we incorporate purpose-built items like lighting, building materials, and furnishings in the homes and in the common spaces/amenities that enhance wellbeing and promote healthier lifestyles. Austin energy green building certification, LEED certification and/or WELL health certification are ratings that we seek to achieve as part of our commitment to sustainability and wellness. Our common spaces, such as fitness centers, outdoor environments and communal spaces are specifically crafted to encourage wellness, connection, and healthy, fuller lifestyles. Our HOA programming also encourages communal activities that foster interactions among neighbors.”

Jake George, Director, Development, Austin Office 

“The act of real estate development, from a director’s perspective, requires an acknowledgement and attunement of the disparate environmental conditions that interplay in the development process. Wellness real estate acknowledges – with an empathetic eye – the needs and desires of the natural environment, the built environment, the future residents, and the teammates and coworkers who develop the project. Each exists as part of a larger whole, and when all are thoughtfully considered throughout the project lifecycle, they serve to establish, reinforce, and perpetuate project wellness for all stakeholders.”

Noosha Tashakor, Development Project Manager, Seattle Office 

“At Intracorp, we go beyond building houses, we create vibrant communities that each one of us would be proud to live in. During the entire design process, the holistic lifestyle and health of the end user is at the forefront. We intentionally create environments that allow residents to connect with the community in a fun and healthy way, incorporating spaces throughout for both individual and group uses. From thoughtfully chosen colors to lush landscaped areas to carefully selected windows that optimize natural light, every decision aims to promote mental, social, physical, and emotional health.”

David Avenell, Project Manager, Seattle Office 

“On average, we spend 62% of our time at home. The built environment we surround ourselves with has a significant impact on how we live, work, play and feel about ourselves. At Intracorp, we focus on how our home designs engage with resident’s lives. We work diligently and intentionally to create extraordinary spaces that prioritize people first. Wellness is at the core of our mission throughout the design process – it begins when we choose the right location for our communities and is considered each step of the way until we proudly hand over the keys to our new residents.”


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