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We are in the foundations business: Be it building community, or as we see it: the foundation of society. Be it contributing philanthropically via our newly established Intracorp Foundation (there’s that word again). Or, be it, quite literally, constructing the foundations of the homes we build. Each originates from the powerful trifecta of our passion, expertise, and commitment to building – and to building on ­– only the very strongest of foundations.

As for the properties themselves, here’s a bit more about what goes into the process of starting from the ground up.

Building the extraordinary, as we do time and again, in a west coast climate is no easy feat. Here, VP of Development in Seattle, Dan Swallow, walks us through how we ensure that each home at Ravenna88 (link to Ravenna88) is built to our high-quality standards. Starting from the ground up. After all, keeping moisture out is critical to the long-term performance of your home. To that end, read about our 4-step foundation waterproofing system used at this community, here.

Ravenna 88 Foundation

At Belpark in Vancouver’s Westside, our construction team was tasked with bringing the architect’s vision of a “web wall” to life. The end result is nothing short of extraordinary. Learn more here as site superintendent, Matt Bouwman walks us through the planning and construction process to produce this feature wall.

Construction will be underway later this month at 44 East Ave in Austin, Texas. But, that doesn’t mean that there hasn’t already been a lot of planning and thought put into how this special project will come to fruition. Specifically, there are two heritage trees on site that Flintco has been tasked with retaining during construction. Extraordinary measures will be taken to ensure the protection of these trees – learn more here.

44 East Plaza


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