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Intracorp’s new neighborhood, Docente, located in the charming City of Claremont, California, is truly coming to life as our first phase home buyers are about to move in.

“We are thrilled to welcome our new residents to Docente and we will soon begin the process of scheduling their homeowner orientations. Helping our homeowners settle into their homes is what makes the new home building experience so extraordinary.” said Andrew Digby, Intracorp VP of Homeowner Care.

These orientations are led by Intracorp’s Homeowner Care Representatives who work closely with the construction team to prepare the homes for closing escrow. The primary objective of the orientations is to educate our homeowners on the features of their new home, introduce our warranty program and explain their maintenance obligations. It’s a time when we get to be proud of Intracorp’s quality, and it grants us the opportunity to build additional trust with our homeowners.

Homeowner Care Representative, Derrick Burciaga, a 5-year veteran of Intracorp, will be the lead contact assigned to assist Docente’s residents.  When he’s not busy taking care of customers, he can be found weight-lifting in the gym, doing digital graphic design and screen-printing in his free time. We caught up with Derrick and asked him to share a list of his Top 10 Tips and Tricks for new home maintenance.

Top 10 Tips & Tricks: New Home Maintenance

  1. If you don’t have power at an outlet, first check if it’s on a GFCI circuit and reset it by pressing the red button if tripped. If not, then check the breaker panel for any tripped circuits.
  2. Pay attention to the required maintenance that is outlined in your Service Manual (DwellingLive) to keep your home working efficiently and to maintain any warranties that may still be in place.
  3. Replace your HVAC air filter periodically per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  4. Test your HVAC system before heat waves or cold spells to avoid service delays.
  5. Service your water heater and HVAC systems per the manufacturer’s specified intervals.
  6. New homes settle, this is natural, so maintain your home by regularly caulking any cracks or joints in areas such as windows, counter tops and showers. This will help prolong the life and beauty of your home.
  7. Don’t forget to register your appliances when you move in. This is important for your manufacturer’s warranty and will be needed if you require service.
  8. Replace your smoke detector batteries. Tip:  When you change your clocks, change your batteries.
  9. Some products might not be covered under the Builder’s warranty but may be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  10. Caulk and seal any exterior penetrations, outlets or light fixtures. This is important to help with any water intrusion and preventing damage to your home.

Thanks Derrick for the handy reminders!

Docente’s Homeowner Care Representative, Derrick Burciaga