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It’s no secret that Metrotown is one of the best foodie hubs in the Lower Mainland. The neighbourhood is especially known for its authentic Asian food scene, making it the perfect area to celebrate Lunar New Year!

Foods enjoyed during Lunar New Year are full of tradition and symbolism. Many of the dishes are focused on bringing good health or fortune in the new year ahead.

We met up with Viranlly, Vancouver’s foodie king, to explore the best food spots serving traditional Lunar New Year dishes and treats in Metrotown. From a dumpling house to authentic food stalls and bakeries, check out the top places to eat in Metrotown this Lunar New Year.

  1. The Crystal Mall

    We started our food tour at The Crystal Mall, located on the corner of Kingsway and Willingdon. The Crystal Mall is known for its iconic food court, with delicious and authentic Asian food offered in open market style and sit-down restaurants. A few of our favourite spots to enjoy tasty Lunar New Year dishes in The Crystal Mall include Chao Shou Wang, Shanghai Dimsum House and Marble House Eatery.


    Longevity Noodles: Longevity Noodles are long noodles that symbolize a long and happy life. You must eat the whole noodle in one go without breaking it, or your life may be cut short! We love the House Hot Noodles at Chao Shou Wang in the Crystal Mall food court.

    Tangyuan (Sweet Rice Balls): Tangyuan symbolizes family togetherness. They are made from glutinous rice flour with a sweet filling, often made with sesame seeds and sometimes ginger. Try the sesame glutinous rice balls at Shanghai Dimsum House in the food court – you won’t be disappointed!

  2. Dinesty Dumpling House

    Next up: Dinesty Dumpling House, a leading Chinese restaurant chain in Metro Vancouver just steps away from Maywood on the Park and Telford on the Walk. Their specialty (hint: the name) is dumplings.



    Dumplings: Dumplings represent prosperity because their shape resembles ancient Chinese money. We recommend their Steamed Pork Soup Dumplings, Shrimp & Pork Shaomai, and Pan-Fried Pork & Shrimp Pot Stickers.

    Spring Rolls: Spring rolls and egg rolls also symbolize wealth because their shape is similar to gold bars. At Dinesty, you can choose between shredded pork and shrimp or vegetable filling – either a delicious choice!

  3. Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant

    For the next stop on our Lunar New Year food tour, we took a short 5-minute drive to Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant – an elegant dining room serving classic Cantonese food like hot pot, dim sum & specialty seafood dishes.


    Steamed Fish: A steamed fish is a staple in a Lunar New Year feast and symbolizes the abundance you hope for the new year ahead. The fish is to be served whole as the head and tail represent a good beginning and ending for the months to come.

  4. Saint Germain Bakery

    To finish off our feast, we paid a visit to Saint Germain Bakery, located in Metropolis at Metrotown. This Asian and European-inspired fusion bakery offers top-quality Lunar New Year treats. The chain was founded in 1986 and has since mastered the unique art of baking through assimilating top baking disciplines in the world.


    Nian Gao (Sweet Rice Cake): Nian Gao is one of the most popular desserts eaten during the festive season. It is made with sticky glutinous rice flour (mochi flour) with brown sugar and symbolizes progress, advancement and growth in the year ahead.

  5. T&T

    For additional decorative Lunar New Year treats that you might not find at a restaurant, T&T is the place to go! We stopped by the T&T in Metropolis at Metrotown to pick up some mandarin oranges (symbolizing good luck) and fortune cookies for messages of luck and fate for the new year! Complete your Lunar New Year feast by decorating your table with these two items for a festive Lunar New Year tablescape.