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Burnaby Village Museum
Photo credit: Tourism Vancouver

If you’re looking for a fun and educational summer activity, pay a visit to the beloved and historic Burnaby Village Museum. The moment you cross the wooden “welcome” bridge, you are immediately transported to a quaint and picturesque lower mainland community set in the 1920s. Period-costumed staff members maintain their 20’s-era persona, playing the role of villagers and acting as tour guides.

The open-air museum allows visitors to casually stroll through the town, visiting the many shops along the main street, including the Barbershop, Theatre, Bakery, General Store, Locomotive Shop and Blacksmith. Guests are encouraged to immerse themselves in the museum by touching and feeling the authentic artifacts to experience the history that lives behind each door.

Hop into the Interurban Tram Barn to explore the electric railway service that was the primary method of transportation throughout the Lower Mainland from 1918 to 1958. Grab a treat at the Ice Cream Parlour to cool off and relax on the large meadow where you can soak up the scenery. Before you leave, don’t forget to catch a ride on the beautifully restored and maintained 1912 carousel.

Location: 6501 Deer Lake Ave, Burnaby
Admission: Free, Ticket Reservations Required
Dates & Hours: May 1 to September 6
Tuesday-Sunday and Statutory Holidays
11 am – 4:30 pm