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Just down the road from your front door is Bonsor Recreation Complex, and there are plenty of activities on offer to keep you and your family moving. You can take a spin class, practice yoga, play a game of racquet ball, go for a swim… the options are endless!

Bonsor is also a great place to visit to let your creativity flow. You can hone your artistic talents through one of their many art programs, and choose which medium takes your fancy. Will you be a painter, a claymaker, or maybe a printmaker?

Little ones can unleash their inner Monet with art classes too – but if they are more of a Mozart, there are also private music lessons available! There really is something for everyone, from dance programs to coding camps.

Bonsor has Covid-19 protocols in place to keep visitors safe and healthy, so there’s no need to wait until you move into your new home to check it out. Do be sure to book your visit ahead of time, as you will need a reservation – you can check out their website here for more information and to bag your spot.

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