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It’s not every day you can live two blocks from your town’s best event hub — but you can with The Julian in San Jose. This community of studios, 1 & 2-bed homes is walkably close to the San Pedro Square Market. And, whoa, is there fun to be had.

Don’t think of it as a market, per se — think of it as a social, super-charged, flavor-packed extension of your own kitchen, living room and patio. Here’s why:

Yes, you can make delicious, chef-level cuisine in your home at the Julian, thanks to its open, modern kitchen and deluxe stainless-steel appliances. But what if you’re hankering for delicious food made for you? The Market has you covered. Find everything from Vietnamese salad rolls and legit Neapolitan thin-crust pizza to duck-fat French fries and artisanal cantaloupe ice cream. The Market is famous for its huge selection of restaurants, food carts and stalls — which makes this the one place all your friends can agree to eat!

The Julian has a strong social game built right in. There’s the rooftop deck with twinkly nighttime views, shared BBQs to grill up a game-day feast, and an outdoor firepit to sip something chilled and delicious with friends. And when the party grows? Move the gang to one of the Market’s three bars, including a craft brewery with a rather stunning collection of almost 300 beers to choose from. There’s a theater and karaoke spot there too, plus a bunch of clubs nearby if you’re feeling dancey.

What could be better than nightly live music in the fresh air, or sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with hundreds of jersied Sharks fans as your cheers ring out over the town? Pretty much nothing. The outdoor vibe at the San Pedro Square Market is legendary. (This delightfully informal plaza is even dog friendly.) So bring your friends and your pooch to the city’s number one outdoor hangout.

If you’re near the San Pedro Square, have a wander over. The Julian is leasing now, and showcases a design sensibility every bit as warm and social as the venue down the street.


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