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If you’re eyeing up a cozy, modern home at The Julian, you’re probably familiar with the city’s local NHL team, the San Jose Sharks. The animal the team is named after is relentless, determined and fearless, and — after an offer posed during the 2019 Western Conference Stanly Cup Final — that’s exactly how you’d describe the fans too.

Need proof? Just ask them to roll up their sleeves.

As the Sharks played against St Louis in the run up to last year’s Stanley Cup playoffs, hundreds of San Jose fans lined up in the wee hours of the morning to be tattooed with one of 40 team-related logos — free of charge!

The idea was a great (and permanent!) way to drum up team spirit when the Sharks played their away games. Post-needling, these brave fans then gathered at various venues throughout the city — including the plaza at the San Pedro Square Market (just two blocks from The Julian) — to cheer on their team.

In the end, it wasn’t to be. San Jose lost the Western Conference finals four games to two to the Blues. And while the loss stung (sorta like the tattoo!), a few hundred lucky fans now have a lasting, artistic reminder of their favorite team.

If you’re more of a part-time hockey fan, rather than someone who bleeds teal, fear not. The team’s home stadium (known locally as the Shark Tank) hosts all kinds of events, from WWE Smackdowns and Tony Robbins seminars to concerts by Miranda Lambert, Marc Anthony and more.

You can even walk to the SAP stadium in under half an hour from The Julian, making your house the go-to gathering place for pre- and post-events. Talk about popularity overload!

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