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It’s patio season! Make the most out of your patio with the below tips gathered from the Interior Designers from Maywood on the Park, Aalto Townhomes, and Belpark. Whether you’re looking on Vancouver’s Westside, Coquitlam, or Burnaby, you will want to check out these tips to make the most our of your new patio.

  • Lighting is key to creating ambiance inside and outside of your home so look for solar powered or LED lanterns preferably in outdoor fabrics. Outdoor candle lanterns can be hung or placed on stands that give a low level of light to compliment the hanging lights throughout. Make sure that if they are exposed to the elements that they are easy enough to move or dismantle when the winds or rain come again.
  • Remember that comfort should always be balanced with aesthetics if you really want you and your guests to enjoy this space. Make sure to select lounge chairs that you can see yourself relaxing in not just perching on if you truly want to enjoy the space.  Adding toss cushions (preferably in outdoor fabrics that can withstand the sun and occasional drips) helps add personality to the space but can also take a fairly plain chair and make it something special.
  • Planting is a nice way to provide visual layering but know your level of commitment!  There are wonderful succulents and low maintenance plants that look great but won’t require a green thumb to take care of.  Pair these selections with artistic hangings and well-crafted pots to further explore your aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours, tones and patterns just as you would diversify your plants.
  • Outdoor rugs create softness, hide the sometime utilitarian patio tiles below and can be used to further tie in your design theme. Ensure that if your patio or deck is exposed in any way that you invest in an outdoor polypropylene rug for ease of care and maintenance.
  • Accessorizing is not only for bookcases and coffee tables inside your home but can be that added touch that makes your outdoor room just what you want.  Art or a wall hanging is completely appropriate outside on a feature wall as is accessories that make your time relaxing outside that much more enjoyable like a retro drinks cooler, unique sculpture nestled in the corner or that outdoor blanket that you found on your last trip abroad.