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Staying active is the key to a healthy lifestyle and at Nelson on Foster, you have everything that you need to meet your fitness goals. Intracorp has teamed up with Club Sweat Fitness to help you create a healthy lifestyle in your new community.

The team at Club Sweat has created a training plan to help you live a more healthy, active lifestyle with the added benefit of never having to leave your community.

Program Overview

This a 3 day per week weightlifting and cardio program utilizing the luxury equipment located in the amenity space. Club Sweat has designed the program using the most up to date and current scientific methods to help you achieve all your goals in the most efficient way possible. You will be separating each workout by 48 hours, so no matter what your schedule looks like this will be a breeze to do.

It doesn’t matter which workout you decide to do first as each one integrates the whole body. You can even choose to do the same workout 3x per week. You will be able to create your own journey by using the workouts provided.

Before jumping into the workouts, be sure to start with a warm up. Warm ups before every workout are incredibly important. This will help bulletproof your body, keep you injury-free, and get you mentally ready for the workout that day.

Be sure to check out this e-book to learn more about the details of the workout plan.