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We spoke with our interior designer, Scott Trepp from Trepp Design Inc., about what went into creating the Belpark display home. He gave us an insider look at some of his favourite details as well as some tips for creating a beautiful space in your new home.

  1. What contributed to your inspiration for the display home at Belpark?

We took our inspiration from the site and setting: the greenery of the park and the landscaping. We also wanted to capitalize on the natural light within the suite and how that light played up the warmth of the matte walnut floors.

  1. What are some of the steps that you take when designing a display home?

The ultimate goal is always to have the space show as spaciously and luxuriously as possible. In the case of Belpark, this was accomplished through a generous use of soft drapery and finishes with varied visual and tactile textures. We always endeavor to create spaces that have an individual personality.

  1. What makes the design in this home unique?

The sheer space of this suite is unusual. Additionally, the natural light afforded by the southern exposure and large windows is a condition we don’t always have the luxury of. There is an interesting sense of veiling and unveiling within the suite as a result of open expanses of glazing and other areas that are softened by gauzy sheers.

  1. What is your favourite feature in this home?

We’re obsessed with the wallpaper in the Den. It’s an intricate, hand-painted paper from London-based manufacturer Cole & Sons and references the Silvan forests of folklore. It’s an unusual choice for us but we love the drama and intimacy it gave to the space.

  1. What are some of your top design tips for creating a beautiful living space?

Pay attention to the natural light throughout the space at different times of day. This will tell you where to add fixtures that provide ambient light where you want it, task light where you need it and, most importantly, how to combine both with the natural conditions.

Pick your focal points carefully. Not everything can be the star – in fact when everything tries to be the star, nothing succeeds. Mixing quieter and softer visuals with high impact gestures gives your eye a chance to rest.

Be aspirational: of course all spaces need to function, but this doesn’t mean that impact and playfulness need to be abandoned. We’re always fans of including furnishings and accessories that inspire and intrigue as well as function.