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1. What are your top design tips for this winter?

To us, the winter season is about comfort and layering, think of your favorite luxurious sweater! Layering your home with various warm textures and elements will give your spaces a bespoke and intimate feeling, perfect for fall. Pillows and throws, vintage finds with handmade details, and rich hues and neutrals will beckon you to curl up with a good book and a steaming cup of tea.

2. What trends are you seeing in interior design?

One of the trends we see being embraced more and more is an interplay of diverse design style and genres in the same space. We love to break the rules and think outside the box! Curated collections of furniture styles, a balance of modern and traditional elements that reflect the personality of the home, touches of whimsy and unexpected pairings make for a memorable experience for you and your guests.

3. As an interior design company known for your hospitality experiences, how does this experience translate into the design of Maywood?

Being a global interior design studio with over 40 years of experience, the unparalleled guest experiences developed with luxury hotels informs our design approach for our residential designs in many ways. One of the starting points in creating an outstanding hotel experience is to consider the journey of the guest through the hotel, considering every detail along the way. At Maywood on the Park, we created a unique journey from the moment you step into the lobby and are greeted by the concierge, to enjoying the large amenity spaces with friends and neighbors, your transitional experience in the elevator, walking through your corridors, and finally to your entry door experience and in to you welcoming home. These spaces have all been thoughtfully designed to create special moments as you journey through Maywood on the Park.

4. Did the nearby park contribute to your inspiration for this project?

Absolutely! We all share an important primal instinct to relate back to nature, especially considering the urban landscapes we live in. Maywood’s coveted location adjacent to a well-established neighborhood park was fundamental to our design inspiration. Burnaby neighborhoods are embracing change, but amongst that transformation remains the opportunity for contemplative and restorative connection. We felt it was imperative to reinforce this relationship to nature in the interiors through the creative use of light, texture, color, materiality and form.

5. What is your favourite feature of Maywood on the Park?

We have several favorite features in the common areas and the units, it’s hard to pick just one! Making an immediate impact on owners and visitors alike in Maywood’s lobby spaces, is a custom ceiling feature that draws your eye up to the double height volume, and evokes the feeling of walking under the park’s canopy of trees with its playful, dappled light. We’re excited to continue to collaborate with Intracorp and our custom manufacturers to see our design come to life in the lobby soon. In the units, we truly love the attention to detail and providing as much functional storage and convenience as possible in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom spaces. Thinking about how people really live, work, and play in their new Maywood home allowed us to design interiors with modern amenities, streamlined materials and an overall ease of living.

6. Do you have a favourite ‘hidden gem’ in the neighbourhood?

A short stroll from Maywood on the Park is a charming cafe well worth a visit, called Café La Forêt on Jubilee Avenue. It’s a beautifully designed cafe, with great coffee to fuel your day, and the decadent mango waffles are to die for!