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Access to the great outdoors—whether it’s parkland, beaches, or mountains—is a huge part of what makes living in Seattle so great. Named after the Duwamish native American leader who later lent his name to the new city, the Chief Sealth trail connects two of South Seattle’s most cherished spaces; Jefferson Park on Beacon Hill and, 3.6 miles to the south, the meditative serenity of Kubota Japanese Garden. Accessible via a short stroll from Link Townhomes, the concrete and asphalt trail is made from materials that were excavated and then recycled during construction of the Link transit line. It’s ideal for running, dog walking, nature observation and simply de-stressing after a busy day, though casual walkers and cyclists take note—there’s more than one heart pounding hill that will test your cardiac fitness. With its spectacular views of Mt. Rainier, the Chief Sealth trail is pretty much the perfect example of an inter-urban pathway.