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The much-loved global chain Milkcow opened the doors to its firs Canadian location in Richmond this January. Ever since opening, this has been the hot-spot in the sweet scene and in very high demand.

Milkcow is the fastest growing ice cream chain in Asia because of its treats – not to mention the brand is backed but several South Korean celebs, which helps. The chain now has over 50 franchises in countries such as US, Mexico, China, and Malaysia.

This famed South Korean dessert spot, located at 105-5668 Hollybridge Way, is known for its unique organic milk soft-serve ice cream and abundant selection of toppings. Menu items include “Snow Drop,” “Mont Blanc,” “Santorini,” and “Mango Tree” to name a few. The choices, along with other extraordinary treats such as watermelon soft serve sandwiches, rainbow cake, and cotton candy-topped sundaes, make it the dessert hot spot of Richmond.

It helps that this sweet treat is photogenic too. The Milkcow soft serve photos are popping all over our Instagram pages. It makes this location irresistible for late night ice-cream runs. And if you happen to get a great photo to share with your family and friends – even better

The soft serve is priced between $4.75 – $6.50, and there are also drink items such as espresso and lattes starting at $2.50. The minimal modern interior is clean and features a few small dining tables. Right when you walk in you can see that this is a popular hang out spot.

The best news about this delicious new sweet treat? It’s only a five-minute walk from the RPP II + III community! Whenever you have a sweet tooth – you now know where to go. We think the cotton candy topping would be the way to go.