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Issaquah is one of the closest towns to the iconic Cascade Mountain range which runs pretty much the entire length of Washington state from Canada to the Columbia River valley. Community boosters even refer to these summits as “the Issaquah Alps”, though you’ll never confuse Poo Poo Point (yes, that’s its real name) with the Matterhorn.

Still, trails running up the flanks of Tiger Mountain, Squak Mountain (the Native American word, which refers to the area’s abundant birdlife) and Cougar Mountain are great places to go for a stiff cardio workout, since most of these trails climb anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 vertical feet in a fairly short distance. Any hike with an elevation gain will provide majestic views of Mt. Rainier.

Squak Mountain Park has over fifty miles of undulating, well maintained trails, including the breathtaking summit views. You’ll know you’re near the top when you arrive at The Bullitt fireplace, which is all that remains of this summer home owned by a local family.

Hiking isn’t the only form of mountain recreation found here, Tiger Mountain is a favored launch site for paragliders—you can even book tandem scenic flights through Seattle Paragliding—no experience necessary! Tiger Mountain is also a popular spot for mountain biking and so, too, is Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park, which even has specific skills courses set for every level of rider.

The great part about Issaquah is that once you’ve lost your calories and purged your sweat pores, you can enjoy a relaxing swim at Lake Sammamish State Park. This 512-acre waterfront park is worth the trip to Issaquah pretty much any time of the year.  (Some Issaquah trivia: the very first Boeing seaplane took off on Lake Sammamish.)

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