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Progressive cities like Seattle are embracing improved public transit to reduce freeway gridlock, lessen tailpipe emissions, and to facilitate efficient access to downtown and employment hubs throughout the region. Neighborhoods served by new transit projects are revitalized thanks to inexpensive and convenient commuting options.

Intracorp’s Link Townhomes in South Seattle takes its name from the nearby Rainer Beach Link light rail line stop, just a one-minute walk away. (That’s probably less time than it takes you to get out of the parking garage where you currently live!) Sound Transit arrives and departs every six minutes during rush hour and every fifteen minutes at off-peak times.

Whether you’re going into the city for work, or a concert or sporting event or leaving town on business or vacation, Link townhomes are in a great location. This light rail service connects South Seattle to the downtown core in less than fifteen minutes and makes the run out to Sea-Tac airport in about the same amount of time.

Learn more about our Link Townhomes here.