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These companies are cool as a cucumber.

Those of us who have not yet won the lottery, inherited a sizeable trust or sold off a top market start-up are most likely trying to find the best work gig we can land. Lucky for you, Irvine has a great looking job market thanks to some extraordinary companies. Learn about several innovative organizations that are gaining notability as great places to work below.


Voted as a best place to work by the O.C. Register in 2015, Houzz is a tech company based in Irvine. Complete with faux grass in their office and a wine room that mimics a cellar, this place is screaming a “work hard play hard” mentality we can’t get enough of. Houzz is a platform for home remodel and design; and was initially inspired by co-founders who remodeled their own home. The company has fostered a community of over 40 million homeowners globally and even better, employees are free to decorate the building and can slide from one floor to another.


This company does not need an introduction. The tech mogul set up shop in Irvine with a beachy inspired design. A real lifeguard stand is present in the office and the space features a 91,000 square foot facility. This office in particular is home to engineering sales and analytics teams who specialize in storage, forecasting, optimization and search. Google is one of the world’s five most marketable brands and continues to push the envelope in the world of technology and innovation.


Juice bar and treadmill desks? Wellness in the workplace is clearly being knocked out of the park by Asics. The progressive activewear company is headquartered in Irvine and is responsible for influencing sports enthusiasts around the world. The employees are no exception, one of the two buildings is complete with basketball and volleyball courts, fitness center, batting cage, shower and locker room. Asics stands for the Latin American phrase “sound mind in a sound body” but we are also thinking something along the lines of “sound mind in a sound lobby”.


This company’s mission is to to make investing a possible feat for all ages and all income levels. Voted by builtin Los Angeles as a top-16 tech startup to lookout for, the company enables users by contributing several cents from everyday transactions into commission-free portfolios managed by professionals. Their app combines top security with easy to interact micro-investing allowing “anyone to grow wealth”. With investors like Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Durant and backings from two Nobel-prize winning economists, Acorns is drawing attention across the board.


Voted as the 5th best workplace in California by Fortune , CrowdStrike is motivating employees with a perfect blend of having fun, working hard and creating balance. Employees rave about flexible work hours and vacation policies, and feel positively challenged in their roles. CrowdStrike is an information technology company that specializes in protecting organizations from breaches. The company also encourages employees to brainstorm new ideas regularly through self-coined Think Weeks and Kaizen Accelerator program, and organizes regular community service opportunities.

Edwards Lifesciences

World, meet a company that needs to be on your radar. A winner of Forbes America’s Best Corporate Citizens and Irvine’s top 10 companies to work for, Edwards Lifesciences should surely grab your attention. Their trade is medical devices sales with an specialization in in-patient products designed for structural heart disease and surgical monitoring. Edwards Lifesciences offers a wellness program to their approximately 3,000 employees complete with outside based meetings and fitness opportunities. Plus, everyone is off a whole-lotta time during the holidays. What better reason to be chipper year round.


Surfs up. Billabong USA Inc. manufactures and markets sports clothes around the global brand. The company was founded in Irvine and operates under the larger Billabong umbrella. A contemporary yet beachy themed office is home to the US based branch, and is headquartered in the heart of Orange County, a feeding ground for all things surfing. The Billabong Women’s branch won the Women’s Marketing Campaign of the Year and took home more awards than any other company at the Surf Industry Manufacturing Association Awards in 2017. Billabong was also named the Women’s Swim Brand of the Year. You go girls.

There are plenty of options to spice up your current work life if the highlight of your day is a styrofoam water cup and lukewarm coffee. These companies and many more are helping to shift the traditional corporate paradigm of overworking employees and driving out passion. Quite the contrary with these organizations, who are creating enjoyable environments paired with meaningful work. The innovation and ideas that are being born in these workplaces are forcing traditional employers to reform and create a more enjoyable atmosphere where employee well-being is paramount.


If you like the sound of working for these super cool companies, check out our extraordinary community located in Irvine, California: C2E