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Location, Location, Location—you’re probably tired of hearing that realtor’s adage around house buying, especially since you can be texting your daughter while sitting in a doctor’s office waiting or working on a complex document via Slack. Does location really matter these days?

Well, it certainly does if you’re a one-car (or no-car) family needing to be close to a transit line. Or one spouse attends class at UW and the other works at Microsoft on the East Side. While it’s great to be able to cycle to our favorite Whole Foods, it’s impractical to think that we can all live two blocks from where we work.

Located in North Seattle, Ravenna88 is an ideal compromise, situated in an emerging urban setting that is convenient and trendy yet genteel and welcoming. Major employment centers such as Amazon (South Lake Union) and Redmond (Microsoft) are just 5 miles (10 minutes) and 16 miles (35 minutes), respectively. During peak rush hour, the 312 Metro Express bus whisks commuters downtown in less than 20 minutes. Off peak Uber trips downtown, to catch the Seattle Symphony or an M’s game at Safeco field, take about a half hour.

And if you are attending an event or hitting a class at the University of Washington, well, aren’t you lucky? From Ravenna88, you’re just a safe, breezy twenty-minute bike ride along the Burke-Gilman trail or, depending where you’re going on campus, less than a ten-minute drive.

Learn more about Ravenna88 here.