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Unless you’re the kind of guy who likes paying triple the usual cost for flowers, creating a successful Valentine’s Day means actually planning in advance. If all goes according to plan, you will be a romantic hero and there will be a wonderful reward at the end of the day.

Let’s begin with the basics. Flowers. Cards. Chocolates. Bath bombs. Yes, you can run around one of those major malls along with the other sorry guys, or you can go, right now, to the website of Artisan Gifts and Flowers, then visit their physical location at 1038A Austin Avenue. You literally cannot go wrong with these locally made crafts, fresh cut flowers, and some Batch caramel corn. Make sure you visit or place your flower order a few days before the big day.

Secondly, plan in advance to leave work an hour or two early. It’s time now for a romantic walk. (Take a big umbrella if it’s raining).

Coquitlam has a lot of fabulous parks and public spaces. You can (almost) get lost in the 400 acres of coastal rainforest in Mundy Park. The trees will even protect you from the rain if you forgot that umbrella.

In the event that you’re both squeezed for time, why not meet somewhere in the middle of Coquitlam – Town Centre Park, to be exact. Grab a coffee and Find a quiet spot around Lafarge Lake. (The lake is named after the cement company that used to operate a gravel quarry thirty years ago; but the entire area has since been reclaimed). Tip – if it’s a sunny day, plan to be at the lake at sunset as the reflections off the lake are stunning.

Of course, you’re going to want to go somewhere for dinner, which means making reservations well in advance. The view (and the food) at Fairways Bar and Grill atop the Westwood Plateau Golf and Country Club is really hard to beat. For a more intimate setting, (and Coquitlam’s best home-made pasta) make a reservation for the Golden Boot in Austin Heights. (You have our permission to splurge on splitting the delectable tiramisu).

For bonus points— if your sweetie is a craft beer lover, you’ll want to end your Coquitlam Valentine’s Day with a perfectly pulled pint of Northeast IPA or the malty Berliner Weisse (Wheat) beer at the spankin’ new Mariner Brewing on Lansdowne Drive. Word is they are planning something extra special for Valentine’s Day.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day—and don’t forget to plan ahead!

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