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The popularity of bubble tea has been ‘bubbling over’ for decades, now. We decided to set out and see where the best bubble tea in Richmond is.

Bubble Queen
Bubble Queen serves traditional black milk tea and jasmine tea, but also experiments with far-out flavours like Ferraro Rocher (yes, the hazelnut/chocolate concoction) and their house specialty, fresh mango slush.
Pro tip: the Pacific Plaza location can be hard to find and during peak times the line is long.
Address: 1180 – 8888 Oldin Cresent

CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice
You know bubble tea is popular when a major franchise store opens up close to where the independents are. CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice boast over 2000 stores worldwide. Prices are fair, the lineups not as hectic as some of the more specialized shops, and the basic black, jasmine, or mango teas serve as the perfect entry point for the uninitiated.
Address: 140 – 8100 No 2 Road

Fresh Elements
As the name suggests, only the freshest ingredients will do at Fresh Elements. Bubble tea enthusiasts like to keep things simple, here, you can’t go wrong with the basic black or green milk teas.
Pro Tip: Their popular 2 for 1 promotion makes this the most affordable bubble tea joint in the Lower Mainland.
Address: Yaohan Centre, 1105 – 3700 No. 3 Road

The Bubble Tea Shop
Located next to, of all places, a Real Canadian SuperStore, The Bubble Tea Shop overcomes its rather modest location by offering a mind boggling number of beverages and concoctions. The bubble tea waffles (S’mores flavoured) are the both fluffy and chewy and customers can choose from a massive number of toppings.
Pro Tip: Connoisseurs of bubble tea can get a ‘split glass’ that allows you to try two completely different flavours at one price, in one glass.