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Fall is here, but the weather shows no signs of cooling down. Take advantage of the sun while you can and explore your favourite neighbourhood, the West End.

We put together two self-guided walking tours to help you discover historic buildings and hidden gems in the West End that you might not be aware of.

The first walk is all about exploring the West End’s storied history. This tour takes you to the West End’s most notable historical locations and unique establishments such as Gabriola House, Barclay Manor and Mole Hill.

The second walk is more focused on architecture. You’ll get to see both the new and old architectural style of the West End as you weave your way down the side streets off Davie street, finishing off along Beach Avenue.

Both walks are well worth exploring. They can either be done separately or easily combined and completed in an afternoon.

Explore the West End’s Storied History
West End Architecture: Past + Future