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In this month’s Insider Realtor blog, we’re excited to introduce you to Henry Shao from Royal Pacific Realty Corp.

1. At what community did you sell your first Intracorp home?

Silver by Intracorp was the first Intracorp project home I sold since I became a realtor.

2. What do you like the most about being an Intracorp Insider?

As an Intracorp Insider, I have access to resources, connections to a wide range of people and customers, and am a part of Intracorp’s next steps.

3. What do you like most about living in Vancouver?

Vancouver embraces multiculturalism and is becoming an international metropolis. Vancouver is probably upgrading their public transit so that people have access to transit wherever they are. Living and working in Vancouver means having nature at the tip of our fingers; with access to parks and mountains, Vancouverites can maintain a healthy lifestyle whereas other cities, perhaps might find that more difficult. I feel very privileged to live in this wonderful city.

4. What made you want to become a realtor?

Due to the economic downturn in 2008, I was unable to find a job after graduation. I came across an opportunity and was offered a position as a realtor assistant. From then on, I took every chance and opportunity to learn what being a realtor could offer me in the future.

5. What is your favourite part of being a realtor?

Being a realtor offers me the opportunity to meet and connect with a wide range of people. Through close contacts and communication with these people, I was able to learn information that universities otherwise could not offer me.

6. What is your passion other than real estate?

I love to travel; I love to experience and learn about cultures around the world. A little professional habit I have come to develop is that I like to ask about real estates of the places while I am there.

7. What is your favourite place to buy furniture or home decor?

I am a kinesthetic learner and I love to build things with my own hands. If you like to DIY (Do It Yourself), I would suggest IKEA.

8. What is your favourite view in the city?

The night view at the top of the Grouse Mountain is phenomenal in the winter.

9. What is your favourite restaurant in the city and why?

Taka’s Sushi in White Rock. I love authentic food and Vancouver offers me just that.

10. What is your motto?

“事在人为”-Nothing is impossible with effort