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Abbeyfield House

In 1992, Marpole residents rallied to preserve two grand examples of early 20th century estate homes in Vancouver, the Heritage House and Coach House at the corner of 67th Avenue and Hudson Street). Built in classic Arts and Crafts style favoured at the time, Heritage House was originally built as a private residence, (1912), was turned into a children’s hospital (1928), became a rooming house, and then was converted into senior’s housing (1993). Today, it’s known as Abbeyfield House and has a City of Vancouver Heritage designation.

Marpole Mural

Another sign of community revitalization can be seen in the number of street art projects that are being undertaken in the neighbourhood. Located just west of Granville and 68th, We Are Here is an on-street mural showcases the human-made street grid and the natural topography of the Marpole community. It is a collaboration of Emily Carr University student artists Cheryl Lee (painting), Xian Luo (industrial design) and Simeng Wang (industrial and communication design). The mural was painted by the artists and student volunteers this past May. Look for other public art projects in Marpole over the next few months.

BEANS and BEER, and SUSHIThree essentials for any neighbourhood

The Yard—Every neighbourhood needs a local “watering hole,” and The Yard combines no-nonsense décor with a distinctively Canadian menu (Kraft Dinner, pulled pork sandwiches, and a hearty beef chili) and craft beer selection. The fact that there are over 30 scotches on display should be a clue that Marpole is definitely ‘evolving.’

Gigi Blin—With its Caffe Umbria beans (imported from the Seattle coffee roaster/café of the same name), selection of obscure dry Italian pastas (GB doubles as a market) and unique drink offerings (espresso tonic, anybody?), Gigi Blin is both a treasure and a diamond in the rough.

Sushi Wow — In Vancouver, every neighbourhood has decent sushi hole in the wall, and in Marpole, it’s Sushi Wow, an unpretentious, yet clean and intimate spot at 8273 Granville Street. One of those places that are easy to walk by and miss, Sushi Wow’s elaborate rolls are a huge hit with Marpolitans old and new.