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We have helped hundreds of homeowners move into their new Intracorp homes during the past few months, ensuring that each completion and subsequent move is as smooth a process as possible. We have collected a few tips and recommendations from our experience that we would like to share with you, so that your move into your future Intracorp home will be enjoyable and hassle-free.

1. Do not give notice to your landlord until you have received your Completion Date Notice. Depending on the size of the building, there may be different Completion Dates for different homes. You want to be sure of when you are legally entitled to get the keys to your new home before you tell your landlord you are moving out. Otherwise, you could find yourself spending unnecessary time and money for temporary housing and storage.

2. Transfer your mail and set up your BC Hydro account. We recommend that you notify and set up your new mailing address and utility accounts approximately one week prior to your move-in date. For Canada Post, this gives both you and your local postal outlet enough time to figure out if your mail is being correctly forwarded. By setting up your BC Hydro account prior to your move-in, you will be less likely to spend your first evening at home sitting in the dark.

3. Read and follow instructions regarding move-in reservations and times. Cities often have bylaws regarding the noise level and your property management may have rules regarding when move-ins are allowed. Make sure you receive permission from your property manager before moving in big items such as drawers, couches and mattresses. In most cases, booking an elevator move-in time means that you are given sole access to one of the elevators for a set time, and the elevator has been padded to prevent accidental damage. Your building manager may instruct you on how to command the elevator during your move-in period, so you don’t have to hold the doors open. Remember, if damages result from your unauthorized move-in, you will be liable for all damages and costs.

4. Check your home as soon as you get your keys. Try out the doors, the windows and all the appliances to make sure everything is working. Most importantly, check that all your keys and key fobs work. Note any repairs that may be needed and report them immediately to the Homeowner Care Team so that we can schedule you in as soon as possible.

5. Sign up for Conasys. Each Intracorp home comes equipped with a Homeowner Guide and a 10-year access pass to the online guide. The login information is taped on the inside of your breaker panel in most cases, and you simply login in order to access crucial information regarding your home (e.g. paint number, stovetop model, floor installation trade) at the click of your mouse. Best of all, your online Homeowner Guide allows you to send a service request to the Homeowner Care Team directly if you ever require our services.

Moving into a new home, whether it is your first home or your tenth, can often be a stressful time. But if you make adequate preparations and follow the rules, you can significantly reduce your stress level and headaches, enjoy the process and have fun in your new home.