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Exploring Local Charms: Bamboozled Escape Games – Your Adventure Awaits

We’re thrilled to feature another captivating gem in the heart of Burnaby – Bamboozled Escape Games. This family-owned establishment has been making waves as the #1 rated escape room experience in the Lower Mainland, and it’s ready to immerse you in a world of thrilling puzzles and adventure.

An Enthralling Family Legacy of Adventure

Prepare to be captivated at Bamboozled, where intricately woven puzzles, enigmatic clues, and an ambiance that ignites your intellect await. Delve into an immersive experience that tests your problem-solving prowess, creating not just memories, but bonds that harmonize beautifully with the close-knit spirit we hold dear at Telford on the Walk.

Embark on an Uncharted Quest of Intrigue

Select from one of four themed escape rooms: Pirate Plunder, where you’ll have to navigate the seven seas to find the greatest treasure known to man, Rainforest Ruins, where you’ll scour the amazon to prevent a volcanic eruption, Alien Odyssey, where you’ll change the future forever by travelling through time and space, or Legend of Dragons, where you’ll restore the magic to a land of fantasy and adventure.

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Your Thrilling Adventure Just Steps Away

Nestled a mere stone’s throw from the soon-to-be completed Telford on the Walk, Bamboozled Escape Games is a recreational venue and an integral part of this vivacious community. Envision stepping through your front door and diving headfirst into a realm of excitement, where every victory achieved not only surmounts a challenge but draws you closer to fellow explorers who share your unyielding enthusiasm for discovery.

Adventure for All

Each Bamboozled journey is recommended for ages 8 and up and offers wheelchair accessibility. On Sundays, Bamboozled offers a 20% discount as part of their “Family Sundays” initiative, encouraging collaboration between multi-generation families.

Learn More

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