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In our latest Insider Realtor blog, we’re excited to introduce you to Freddy Huang from Sutton Group – West Coast Realty. Freddy has sold Intracorp Homes for a few years now and we sat down with him to gain some insight into the feedback he receives from his clients.

1. At what community did you sell your first Intracorp home?

I sold my first Intracorp home at MC². This project was an outstanding one because of the quality. I will always remember my first walk-through at this community. It was the best quality that I had ever seen in a walk through in my experience as a realtor. There were no deficiencies that we needed to point out.

2. What is your clients experience with Intracorp?
My clients always love their wonderful homes. The Homeowner Care team is super impressive and reliable. My clients really appreciate this added touch when living in their Intracorp community.

3. What do you and your clients like most about Intracorp?
Intracorp’s communities always have the best location and quality. The thing that stands out to us the most about Intracorp is their ability to provide homes in the most convenient locations. This is what defines Intracorp’s homes as a community. Not only is the location amazing, but the quality as well. In my experience selling these homes, the quality is very high and we never find any problems.

4. What drew your clients to the West 62nd Townhome community?
The main factors were price, location and quality. These homes are on a quiet street but there is still a lot going on nearby. There’s a supermarket, Steve Nash gym, coffee shops, and restaurants all within walking distance, which was super important to my clients. I have other clients that are excited to move into their townhome at Granville & 59th later this year. This project is also in a great location just down the street from West 62nd.

5. Who do you think is looking to live in the Marpole neighborhood?
A variety of people will live in this neighbourhood. The fact that you don’t need a car is a huge draw. The convenience of the bus routes and Canada Line draws many different people to these homes. I find that convenience is a huge factor for my clients, and the townhomes at Granville & 59th definitely check that box.

6. What do you like best about being a realtor?
After decades of working as a Realtor, I still like meet different people all the time the most. I have met a lot of interesting people in this job. I also enjoy helping my clients find something that they love. Buying a home they are happy with at the price point they are happy with. The most important thing for me is that they are happy.

7. What is your favourite Intracorp project?
It is so hard to pick just one because they are all great for different reasons. I am very excited about the upcoming projects in the West End. And The Jervis is definitely going to be something special. But my favourite past project might be Argyll House in UBC. I like that the homes are spacious and bright, and they have a wonderful view.

8. What’s your favourite restaurant in Vancouver?
That’s easy. It’s a Chinese restaurant – The Dynasty.

Intracorp CEO Don Forsgren, and Insider Realtor Freddy Huang