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Burnaby & Thurlow



1318 Thurlow Street, 1060及1080 Burnaby Street的重建項目包括了打造一個29層建築,其中包含出售及租賃單位。大廈將採用簡約、現代和恆久的建築設計風格。


Project Address
1318 Thurlow Street, Vancouver


Since 1976, Strand has acquired, developed and financed a portfolio of real estate assets with a combined value of more than $6 billion. Strand has been actively involved in a number of real estate sectors, including: the development and acquisition of multi‐family apartment and condominium projects, single family land and housing development, the development of multi‐unit warehouse projects, the acquisition of office building properties, and the provision of mortgage financing to developers for residential and commercial developments throughout North America. Strand is currently engaged in projects with a combined 6,400 apartment units either planned or under development throughout Metro Vancouver and North America.

While Strand has maintained a relatively low profile, consistent with the philosophy of its major shareholders and financial partners, Strand has developed an established reputation for successful real estate investment and development.


Recognizing the trend towards intelligent urbanization, Intracorp has concentrated its efforts on bringing new homes to where people want to live. Today, every home we create is designed to fit in an established neighbourhood – and enrich that neighbourhood’s profile at the same time. You’ll see this principle at work at The Jervis in Vancouver. You’ll see it at MC2 and Jacobsen in Vancouver, at Orizon in North Vancouver and at Chancellor Place at UBC. Canadian-owned, Intracorp has earned widespread recognition as a premier designer and builder of quality homes that provide lasting lifestyle and investment value. With more than 30 years experience, At Intracorp, we are committed to building extraordinary real estate communities and creating an extraordinary experience for everyone.


July 26, 2017, 6PM – 8PM
Holiday Inn and Suites Vancouver Downtown, Columbia Room

View key information shared at the Open House (PDF).


600 – 550 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC
V6C 2B5

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如您有任何關於Burnaby & Thurlow項目的意見或問題,或想登記獲取更多資訊,請電郵給我們: